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What is Biophysical Functional Medicine?

Biophysical Functional Medicine (BFM) is one of the youngest branches of modern medicine. It represents the connection between the knowledge of modern western medicine, biophysics, traditional energetic medicine and highly sofisticated electronic technologies.

With the aim of ultra fine electronic diagnostic and therapy procedures, based on fenomena of bio-resonance, the primmary goal is to reveal virtual causes of diseases on the energetic level of the human organism, to understand their pathological influence on function and morphology of underlying organs and with a help of different therapy techniques to neutralize these energetic disturbances and put the organism back in order and balance.

BFM has been widespread all over the world. New technologies and updates arise frequently and good results in diagnostics as well as in therapies make us to believe that the unfoldment of BFM will be even more intense and easier to apply in a daily practise.

Biophysical Functional Medicine

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