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    Dr med Darko Marđetko

Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

In our practice, except standard medical services from the domain of general medical practice, we also offer the following special services:


1. Computer segment electrography (Comp SEG measurements):

a) standard program

b) global program

c) head program


3. Electronic testing on metabolism regulation (Vega STT acc.to dr Kohler)

4. Vega test expert

(electro-acupuncture testing)

5. Urin testing on heavy metal poisoning

6. Spenglersan colloid test

(blood immunity test, descovering of tendency for development of certain types of illness)

7. Urin and blood test with strips


1. Biophysical information therapy (BIT)

2. Matrix regeneration therapy (MRT)

3. Induction therapy of nerve system (Vegasom)

4. Audiocolor therapy

5. Therapy with SI magnetic strip card

6. Therapy with pulsating magnetic feld

7. Electro-therapy acc.to dr. Clark and dr. Beck

8. Photon therapy with nobel gases (PSB)

9. Therapy with alophatic and homeophatic remedies

10. Injection and infusion therapies

11. Ortomolecular therapy (vitamins, minerals and other suplements)

Biophysical Functional Medicine

dr med Darko Mardjetko

Specialist in family medice

Specialist in biophysical functional medicine

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