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    Dr med Darko Marđetko

Dr med Darko Marđetko


Dr. Darko Mardjetko was born in 1961 in Zadar. He studied medicine at the Medical faculty, University of Zagreb and graduated in 1986. He obtained his master degree and specialization at the General Medicine Department in 1993. For nine years he worked as a family physician in Preko, on island of Ugljan near Zadar. Since the beginning of 1997. he has been working in his private practice in Zadar.

From the beginning of 1990. dr Mardjetko started to take interest in energetic and german biological medicine. He took beginners’ and advanced seminars in acupuncture with Prof. Dr. Ferković and dr Dervišević. Neural therapy and therapy with isopathic remedies he studied with Dr. Werman in Salzburg. He attended seminars and workshops on therapy with complex and resonant homeopathic remedies in VEGA Academy, where he encountered for the fist time the term of Biophysical Functional medicine.

He studied biophysical therapy in Germany with Dr. Sabo, Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Kohler and in Brasil with Dr. Vianna. On several occasions he attended biophysical medicine and VEGA medicine technology seminars learning from the “first hand” in Vega academy education center. He was in the first group of foreign doctors educated in VEGA Academy who were qualified for independent work in the field of Biophysical Functional Medicine.

Doctor Mardjetko was elected for the VEGA Academy lecturer at the end of 1998 and since then he held scores of lectures, seminars and workshops in Germany, Austria, Greece, Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, Turkey and Republic of South Africa. Doctors from Croatia, Russia, Greece, Mexico,Yugoslavia and Australia obtained practical education in his private practice in Zadar.

In 2000. dr Mardjetko was elected as one of only three doctors in the world who got worldwide VEGA Academy license for education and promotion of VEGA medicine technology.

Dr. Mardjetko’s private practice in Zadar was the first referral Vega center for Biophysical Functional Medicine outside Germany. Dr. Mardjetko is a pioneer of Biophysical Functional medicine in Croatia. He was the first one to bring Computerized Segmental Electrography(Comp. seg), electrodermal tests (VEGA test), biophysical resonant therapy(BIT), inductive therapy(Vegasom), therapy with polar colors and sounds(Audiocolor), matrix regeneration therapy(MRT), photon therapy with ionized nobel gases(PSB ) and electropulsed blood optimization therapy acc. to dr Beck.

Professional History

1999/2001/2004. -Medical Director/Sanoviv Medical Institute, Rosarito, Mexico

Developing advanced programs on Holistic Medicine. Established the Functional and Bio-Resonance Medical Department in this U. S. owned hospital. Duties include ongoing staff education on VEGA devices and complex homeopathics, development of a unique new medical approach to "whole body wellness," including implemention of modalities successfull in both allopathic and complementary medicine. Plans, directs and oversees all medical diagnostics, treatments and counseling programs, monitors results and support staff activities. Constantly improves already existing programs. Develops educational and research activities. Lectures staff and patients. Works on forming good relations with other medical institutions and professionals important for hospital activity.

1997-2003 -- Medical Director/Centre for Functional Medicine, Zadar

Integrated Allopathic Medicine with Biophysical Functional Medicine, including the implementation of VEGA devices, Complex homeopathy( Pascoe, Pekana, Phonix, Heel) and Sanum Pleomorphic Isopathic remedies. Introduced use of neural therapy, acupuncture, resonance therapy, noble gas therapy, pulsating modulating fields, galvanic therapy with direct current and Orthomolecular supplementation.

1996-1997 -- Physician/Private Practice, Zadar, Croatia

Practiced Allopathic and Functional Medicine. Utilized Computerized Segmental Electrography, Matrix regulation therapy with VEGA MRT, Induction therapy with VEGA Som, VEGA Audiocolor therapy, Isopathic Pleomorphic Therapy, Homeopathic therapy and Orthomolecular therapy.

1994-1996 -- Family Physician/Private Practice, Preko, Croatia

General practice including complementary medicine. Utilized acupuncture, neural therapy, galvanic therapy, magnetic field therapy, VEGA testing and Pascoe homeopathics.

1990-1993 Specialized Medical Physician

Cathedra of family medicine and primary health care, Zagreb, Croatia

Pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, ear, nose and throat, minor surgery, immunology, ophthalmology and infectious disease.

1987-1990 -- Family Physician/Preko, Croatia

Served as one of two physicians on an island with a population of 7000. Treated various conditions from childhood diseases to chronic degenerations and emergencies.

Education and Training

Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

Doctor of Medicine (General Medicine), 1986

Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

Post graduate specialization in primary health care and family medicine, 1990-1993

Dr. Conrad Werthman, MD, Salzburg, Austria

Practical neural therapy, Darkfield Microscopy and Isopathic remedies, 1996

Dr. Bodo Kohler, MD, Freiburg, Germany 

Biophysical and resonance medical training with the world's leading authority on subject matter, 1997/1998 and 2000/2001

Dr. Sabo, MD Kaufbauren, Germany

Bioresonance testings and therapy, 1994. , 1995.

Biophysical and resonance medicine.

Clinic of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia

Basic Acupuncture, 1991

WFAS/European Association for Acupuncture( dr Dervišević), Zadar, Croatia 

Advanced acupuncture, 1997

Life Science Institute, Austin, Texas

Nutrition degree, 1994

Dr. Ludwig, Schiltach, Germany

System Infromation Therapy (S-I-T) and Matrix Regulation Therapy (M-R-T),1995/96

Dr. Sabo Kaufbeuren, Germany

Sub-specialization in Biophysical therapy, 1996/97.

Mexican association for Homotoxicology, Guadalajara

Homotoxicology, 2004.

Mexican associaton for antiaging medicine, Sanoviv

Antiaging medicine, 2000/2001/ 2004.

Dr Francisco Vianna, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Byophysical information therapy, 2008.

International lectures

• Lectured in Canada( Vancouver, Toronto) on Functional Medicine in 1998 and 1999, three times.

• Lectured in Mexico twice in 2000 and 2001 for VEGA Akademie at Sanoviv Clinic.

• International Symposium on Integrated Medicine, Austria in 1999.

• Vega International Symposium ( 5 Times ) in 1997 – 2001, Germany.

• Functional Medicine Forum, Greece in 2000

• Functional Medicine in Croatia, 1999 and 2000

• International symposium on Functional Medicine and Bio-Energetics in Australia in 2000, 2001 and 2002

• Lecture on Holistic Medicine –Usana Symposium on Ortomolecular med. ,Salt LAke City,USA,2001.

• First VEGA Functional Medicine Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2002

• Vega Functional Medicine lectures and workshops- Tel Aviv, Israel, 2002.

• International Functional Medicine Forum – Europa park, Germany, 2004.

• Matrix regeneration as an anti-ageing therapy- Sanoviv Hospital, Mexico, 2004

• Holistic Medical approach – Sanoviv Hospital, Mexico, 2004.

• Vega test –How it works – Sanoviv Hospital, Mexico, 2004.

• International Functional Medicine Forum- Frieburg, Germany. 2005.

• International Functional Medicine Forum - Freiburg, Germany, 2006

• Advanced training on Vega Functional medicine, Oxford, England, 2007.

• Diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in Functional medicine – the first Turkish Symposium on Complementary Medicine, Izmir, 2007.