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Diagnostic and therapeutic basics for modern holistic medicine

A) Introduction

Today ,on the crossroad of big time epochas,we are living in time of high technologies.Man kind has reached hights of technical devolpement we could never dream of.An exchange of informations has become so speed and easy that our planet looks like the small village.Informations are the most valuable tools in order to achieve important goals in life.In fact,it is of the greatest importance to be able to find a proper way in this overinflation of billions of different informations.

Situation in moderne medicine reflects the global situation.We are witnesses of the higest technological development in the history of medicine.On the basics of physic,biology,chemistry, electronics and informatics new and new generations of different devices and techniques has been developed.

Science has reached the tinniest particles of of cell in order to try to explain pathological proceses.Medical knownledge has grown to became so huge that noone is capable to know everything.Specialisations and subspecialisations among medical professionals raise to apsurd levels.Patients has become an object of medical investigations.We are faced with “inverted reality”that patients are “because of doctors” and their “ scientific projects”,instead having doctors and other medical professionals to be on patients behalf.Medical education on our universities is focused on diagnosing and treating diseases.Patients ,as human beeings,are hiding somewhere behind numbers,protocols,symptoms and names of diseaseses.Isnt it strange that, despite of all of medical technological development, there are more and more sick people every day.One could expect that improvements in medicine should lead to the reducement of diseased.Why this is not a real situation?Why there are more and more people beeing dissapointed and discouraged with results of “higly developed” medical possibilities?Has medicine realy become only one of the biggest buisnesses of modern time?Can this situation be longlasting?Can it be changed and how?

We are standing on the threshold of the new time.Our attitude towards ourselves and our envirement changes.We don’t recognise ourselves just as “blood and flesh”anymore. We are fully aware of our supreme spiritual and energetic reality and its influence on all levels(mental,emotional,matherial) of our existance.Because we have evolved,our attitude towards health and disease has changed.

Can holistic approach in modern medicine be an answer on all of these new demands of times and people in front of us?

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