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D) Therapeutic possibilities in holistic medicine

Today we have a huge assortment of different therapeutic methods. One should be carefull to pick only those with sound theoretical basics, proven effect and the less possible side effects. I will present here a list of therapies which, I believe, fulfill these requirements.

1. Moderate exposure to sun ,clean water, clean air, proper nutrition-all of these four are basic requirements for physical life on Earth. Unfortunately, only rare people can say that in their life they can fulfill these needs. Because of the demage of the ozon shield and global ecological polution we can not asure to our organisms these basics for any physiological proces in live biological systems. This led to an apsurd situation that sun, without whom life on Earth is not possible, can produce high oxidative stress and cause a skin cancer. Air, water and food, poluted with thousands of different toxic substances, instead beeing a ground stone of health have become the main sources of pollutions of human kind. There is no soul who injoyes in beeing a resident of the intoxicated physical body! If human race wants to continue a life on this planet, this situation must be changed radicaly. Otherwise, there is no future for human kind on Earth.

2. Unfoldment of selfconsciousness and processing of particular problem of the patient with psychical and spiritual therapies-this is a basic work on mental and emotional level. Everyone should be educated that we, humans, are not form dust but from light and that we shall return not in dust but in light. Energy can not be eliminated. But energy can be transformed! So our lives can also be transformed from one mode of existance to another. There are not fears from sickeness or death which should be of our primmar concern, but fear of beeing not in resonance with our inherent goals in life, fear of breaking laws of Nature, fear of not respecting given life we all have had.

We are exposed to thousands and thousand of different stresfull influences. Every of these influences should be processed and resolved in order to eliminate their influence on the organism. This makes a huge load on our psycho-neuro-hormono-immun system. I deeply believe that any significant stress if not properly processed can make an ”imprint” in our consciousness or subconsciousness and from that has a potentially strong impact on our health through the connection between psyche and other subordinate systems (neural,hormonal…).

Psychospiritual terapies should alowe to each particular patient to realise the significance of these unprocessed pathological vibrations, wrapped in the system. These vibrations can than be eliminated from the system. Some of the techincal therapies, like usage of color-sound (Vega Audiocolor) vibrations, inductive therapy (Vegasom device) can be additionaly helpful. Also therapies like spa treatements, massage, yoga and moderate excersise can be helpful in reducing the amount of stress.

3. Constitutional therapies-strenthening of the constitutionaly weak point, this goal can be achieved with Audiocolor terapy (external bioresonace techinique), constitutional (intenal) bioresonace treatment (drKohler), coloroma therapy.

4. Metabolic and endocrine balansing-for this purpose patient needs to change nutrition. As additional therapy tools we can use Vega STT, bioresonace th., naturalhormons (likepregnenolone,DHEA,progesteron…), ortomolecular suplements, homeopathic remedies, herbs, oxigen therapies, hyperthermi.

5. Therapy of deficiencies-this situation is very often, specialy in patients with chronic diseases. Orthomolecular supplements (vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, fatty acids, hormons) are the must in this case. Change of the nutrition in order to rebalance the system should always be recommended.

6. Reduction of chronic matrix stress-the most important goal on physical level in development of chronic diseases! In order to achieve this we can perform:

-massive detox th.:MRT (Vega matrix regeneration therapy), homeopathic antitox and drainage remedies, chelations/infusions, colonhydrotherapy, lymph drainage massage, sauna

-specific (targeted) detox th.: bioresonance treatement (with external signals) is the best for this purpose (f.e.Vega Select). In case when no bioresonance machine is available the usage of specific nosodes and drainage remedies is reccomended.

-elimination of foci-always important! Dental work here is very often a “conditio sine qua non”! Bioresonance therapy, homeopathic remedies, isopathic therapy are all very usefull in this case. Sometimes a surgical elimination of focus (f.e.appendix) is therapy of choice.

-infections, immunomodulation, milieu th.: for this purpose isopathic therapy in combination with ortomolecular supplement th is very effective. Also the usage some of the techinal devices – Rife resonant device, Clark electrotherapy, and also bioresonant Select treatement give often good results.

-elimination of geopathic and electromagnetic influences-obviously the best treatement in this case is to avoid these magnetic field. Bioresonant therapy can help a lot in quicker elimination of these influences from the system.

7. Therapy of actual triggers-Bioresonant treatement (f.e.allergy reduction treatement) or homeopatic potencies (also with Vega Si trans and SI cards) are the best to recommend.

8. Structural treatements-therapies of mechanical disbalances (locomotor system!) - this is a field of chiropracic, osteopathic and different massage therapies.

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