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VEGA computerized segmental electrography (Comp SEG)

VEGA COMP. SEG. ,device for computerized segmental electrography, offers to the medical practitioners objective checkup of functional and energetic patient's state.

Regulatory capabilities of the entire organism is designated within the certain number of measurement's sections and specific parameters.

All chronic diseases, in the beginning of their development, manifest themselves as functional disturbances and after certain period of time clinical-morphological disturbances take place . For the patient, the time from the apearance of functional disturbances until the time when a specific diagnosis of the illness can be made by conventional methods often represents a long period of suffering and unconfort. Chronic diseases are, unfortunatelly, in constant increase in the modern society. It is logical that a successful doctor would firtst focus on determining a strong energetic-functional diagnosis with their patients.

Only such an aproach would enable a possibility of adequate therapy still in pre-clinical phase of the disease.

Computerized segmental electrography is used for evaluation of regulatory and compensatory capabilities of the patient, which are assessed as an answer to the specific provocative electrical stimulations during reccording process. Those stimulations are conducted through correctly placed electrodes and in the accordance with dermatological configuration of the body.

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