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VEGA MRT - Matrix regeneration therapy according to dr Kohler


Using the VEGA MRT, device for regeneration therapy of intercellular tissue (active mensenchime), a new concept of treatment is applied which enables successful therapy for different illness.

According to the Austrian physiologist prof. Dr. Pischinger, the matrix is the fundamental system of the organism and comprises about 80% of the entire body mass. It is the supply as well as the disposal system of the tissue cells and at the same time it is the home of the defence system of the body.

Because of its fundamental importance in health, this is the place where each effective therapy must begin in the case of dysfunction or illness.

We know that without the proper functioning of the matrix, the cells are helpless. Therefore, it is of the greatest importance that the matrix is cleared out of foci of inflammation as well as of residual toxic substances . The matrix regeneration therapy (MRT) consists of components integrated in one therapy:

1) Bioresonance therapy: it is of great benefit in the neutralisation of pathological energy fields. MRT is using a special procedure of "Inverse system-information therapy" according to dr. Kohler and dr. Ludwig.

2) Direct current treatment of the tissue: Electric potential in the intercellular tissue is essential for its normal functioning and for the therapeutic effect. Through a roller electrode, a weak current voltage, of positive or negative polarity, is conducted into the tissue and in this way stabilizing the electrical potential of the matrix. By normalizing polarities, the tissue is helped to stabilize its pH values which is a precondition for a normal metabolic functioning.

3) Vacuum massage: A partial vacuum is generated in the tissue with a special vacuum electrode and a pump with negative presure. With this procedure the capillary blood is being pulled out from internal into external skin layers. The toxins are drawn to the surface. Thus the vacuum electrode is at the same time an ideal input electrode for recording pathological patterns which are used for inverse bioresonance therapy.

Indications for usage of MRT are all allergic diseases, chronic degenerative disease, chronic intoxications, immunity weakeness, reumatic diseases, regenerative treatments etc...

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