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VEGASELECT - Biophysical information therapy (BIT)


The VEGA SELECT therapy device offers to each patient individualized bi-polar treatment through a wide scope of oscillations with a wealth of different possibilities. These can be the patient's own oscillations or oscillations from the fine or gross materials as well as electronically produced signals or combinations. This therapy is directed into the body with or without the assistance of a pulsating magnetic field.

In practice have confirmed the efficiency of pulsating magnetic fields in treatment of different illness. It can ease the pain almost immediately. With the VEGA SELECT device one reaches the oscillation spectra of organs and cellular formations. Every person is specific and unique biological entity , including his/her specific disease. With the VEGA SELECT, this understanding is transported into a consistent treatment concept which is individualized for each patient and in accordance with clinical picture.

The VEGA SELECT covers 3 large application ranges:

1) Regulation therapy: uses oscillations of the patient in their original( noninverted) state, which can unblock regulation blockages in the matrix system and stimulate the body energy towards self-regulation

2) Inverse therapy: the oscillations of the patient are returned to the patient in a mirror-imaged( inversion) way (Dr. med. Franz Morell) as it is used, for example,in treatment of allergies and toxicity

3) Transfer therapy: three high intensity honey-combs with clockwise, anti- clockwise and harmonizing rotation are integrated into the VEGA SELECT, allowing for additional intensity of therapy with specific vibration remedies, blood, urine, precious stones and many other therapy signals

The Vegaselect device is used in the acute and chronic illness. Especially good results are being achieved in immun system stimulation, resolving blockages of chronic infected areas, body detoxication therapy and allergies.

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