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VEGASOM - Brain wave induction therapy


The VEGASOM is a device for functional regulation of central and vegetative nerve system. Therapy offers induction treatment with the frequency pattern equal to the those of the human brain.

Sellected oscillations patterns within the frequency range of 0.5-30 Hertz are applied to the human body through two silver electrodes, which are applied to the skin and through which stimulations are transferred directly into thalamus.

The VEGASOM device has a frequency range which corresponds to the Delta (0.5-30 Hz), Theta (4-7 Hz), Alpha (7.5-13.5 Hz) and Beta (14-30 Hz) waves of the human brain.

Psychiatrist Dr. Josef Jonas of the International Institute for Psychosomatic medicine in Prague carried out a study with the VEGASOM on 81 patients with varying complaints. The patients demostrated a noticeable subjective improvement in their condition. Also surprisingly, many of the patients noticed a therapeutic effect already after the first treatment. Most of them discovered, after years of suffering, totally new qualities in their lives.

The VEGASOM enables us with the possibility of two methods of therapy:

1) Through program cards with combined frequent patterns of the brain waves. Every card stores therapy programs digitally, in chips, which are specifically developed frequency patterns of different brain waves' groups. Duration of the program is between 30 and 40 minutes. They include programs for relaxation, memory, learning, chronic stress, sleep disturbances, program for children's fears etc. These programs are selected depending on the indication or can be tested with VEGATEST

2) Through program cards with only one group of brain frequences: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta frequences are stored on a program card as specific programs. One surface electrode is attached to the patient while the therapist induces, with the point electrode, the pre-selected brain frequency through selected acupuncture points.

Inductive therapy with VEGASOM, as one of the basic regulation therapies, is useful in treatment of almost all chronic illnes. Especially good results are achieved in treatment of chronic stress, depresion, nervousness, neurasthenia, sleep disorder, chronic headache..

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