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VEGATEST diagnostics


For many years VEGATEST method has represented the leading technology in the field of Electro-Acupuncture testing.

With many advantages comparing with previous electro-dermal testing methods (including EAV and BFD), and together with its versatility, reability and ease-of-use, VEGATEST instruments are the best choise for Electro-dermal testings for medical professionals all over the world.

Completely updated and utilizing powerfull new advanced state of the art technology developed at VEGA's own laboratories, the VEGA moved towards new generation of VEGATEST EXPERT instruments that make Electro-dermal testing easier and more accurate than ever before. The VEGATEST EXPERT Duplex system for storage of signal (VDS) uses the original signal of the test supstance, stored in a digital form on a chip. During testing one chooses a signal, converts it automaticaly from digital into analogue format and takes it into measuring circle with the patient. During this process the tester is monitoring if there are any changes in electrical resistance of measuring point , in other words, does the particular signal provoke a reaction with the patient or not. Results of measuring vary depending on type of test signal and patient's reaction.

The VEGATEST EXPERT is essential instrument for work in modern biophysical functional medical practice. It is possible to test for toxic substances in the body, bacterias, viruses, fungus and parasites, lack of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, disposal to electromagnetic polutions, increased galvanic currents in the mouth etc. The Vegatest special sphere of action are allergy testings and testing of patient's reaction on medication (eficiency and tolerance). The Vegatest method is extremely useful in diagnostics of chronic infected areas( foci).

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