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B) Holistic medicine – an integration between energy and matter

Today,based on researches in bio and quantum physic ,we have new insights in structure and function of the human organism(and other living biological systems).We know now,that the visible matter is just one small part of real being.

The other,invisible part, is energy.In fact ,this invisible part of living organism is dominating one.According to Nobel price winner prof.C.Rubia the relationship between photon particles (quants of light,energy) and nucleons(matter) is aproximately 1 000 000 000 : 1.The visible part of the organism,the matter,is only one bilionth part of organism/s reality!Everything else is an energetic field not visible for a common human eye. We also know that every cell ,besides its biochemical receptors ,also have elecrtomagnetic receptors.These “antenas” can receive and emit electromag signals,which means that processes inside cell can be changed by electromagnetic influence,but also one cell can have an influence on others. Human body is complex vibrational system inside which every cell ,tissue or organ has its specific individual frequency of vibration.We can look upon organism as a very complex cibernetic system with precisely ramified informative system which allowes every part of system to be informed about whole unity.

All of these proceses take place through matrix,the primordial “sea” in which all of our cells have been soaked.Through these proceses every particular cell of the organism has absolutely clear insight about what is going on with all parts of the unity.There is a constant interplay between energetic fields and matter.When materialising,one photon devides in one electron(negative particle) and one positron(positive particle).This is an emasing fact which confirms that our dual(polar)visible world has been formed from light!Viceversa,when positron and electron collide one with another they disappear.This proces liberate one energy quant(light).In these continous processes of exchange between energy and matter it is important to stress that matter is subordinate to energy.Matter is condensed state of energy!In other words,changing parameters of energetic field we can influence material structure.Energetic patterns are moulds for material forms.Speaking more medicaly, it is better to say that we can not permanently change pathomorphologic changes in tissue without changing superordinate energetic pattern which has been disregulated.The obvious example for this statement is presence of tumor growth.We can surgicaly eliminate matherial aspect of tumor, but unless we change the energetic pattern for that specific tumor growth,f.e.with bioresonance therapy or matrix regeneration therapy, recidives are so often.If not on the same site ,than on some other weak part of the organism.Energy and matter can not be separated.In fact ,when organism is in balance,they represent two polar parts of existance in constant dynamic interrelationship and present themselves to outside word as balanced(neutral)biological unity.

The law of polar activity can be found in human organism on different levels of functioning and structure,for example :relationships between psyche and soma ;relationships between upper and lower and right and left part of the body, relationship between polar meridians and organs(f.e.heart and small intestine,stomach and pancreas),Yin and Yang,chronic versus acute,degeneration versus inflammation,matrix versus cells,blood versus urin ,order versus chaos, and so on.Every action has its reaction.Every energetic form tends to expres itself through condensing and polarising on matherial plane.First there is the thought, than there is a deed.

Every health practitioner who tends to act holisticly should realise,accept and implement in daily practise these scientific fundamental facts.Thinking holisticly means to see human beeing as an unity of different levels of egsistance.It also means to have an awareness of existance of at least two differet levels in the unfoldment and expression of any disease.

In any diagnostic and therapeutic approach we must differ between two polarities:


(energetic level ) (cell level)




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