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    Dr med Darko Marđetko

Dr med Darko Marđetko


Dr. Darko Mardjetko was born in 1961 in Zadar. He studied medicine at the Medical faculty, University of Zagreb and graduated in 1986. He obtained his master degree and specialization at the General Medicine Department in 1993. For nine years he worked as a family physician in Preko, on island of Ugljan near Zadar. Since the beginning of 1997. he has been working in his private practice in Zadar.

From the beginning of 1990. dr Mardjetko started to take interest in energetic and german biological medicine. He took beginners’ and advanced seminars in acupuncture with Prof. Dr. Ferković and dr Dervišević. Neural therapy and therapy with isopathic remedies he studied with Dr. Werman in Salzburg. He attended seminars and workshops on therapy with complex and resonant homeopathic remedies in VEGA Academy, where he encountered for the fist time the term of Biophysical Functional medicine.

He studied biophysical therapy in Germany with Dr. Sabo, Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Kohler and in Brasil with Dr. Vianna. On several occasions he attended biophysical medicine and VEGA medicine technology seminars learning from the “first hand” in Vega academy education center. He was in the first group of foreign doctors educated in VEGA Academy who were qualified for independent work in the field of Biophysical Functional Medicine.

Doctor Mardjetko was elected for the VEGA Academy lecturer at the end of 1998 and since then he held scores of lectures, seminars and workshops in Germany, Austria, Greece, Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, Turkey and Republic of South Africa. Doctors from Croatia, Russia, Greece, Mexico,Yugoslavia and Australia obtained practical education in his private practice in Zadar.

Biophysical Functional Medicine

dr med Darko Mardjetko

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